Rammed Earth Experts

Earth Structures is an international group of companies specialising in rammed earth construction.

We work closely with architects, engineers and builders to deliver visually stunning buildings that stand the test of time.

Since 1992, we have provided rammed earth walls for over 850 buildings, each one unique, with majesty reminiscent of ancient stone structures.

Award winning sustainable design

Earth Structures experienced rammed earth builders have delivered projects for private and commercial clients around the world, including rammed earth houses, schools, wineries, galleries, resorts, factories and even a high security jail in central NSW.

We were awarded for excellence with prestigious building industry awards in 2011, including the world’s pre-eminent awards for structural engineering excellence since 1968, the Institution of Structural Engineers’ Award for Industrial or Process Structures, and the Concrete Institute of Australia’s Sustainability Medal for advances in sustainable use of concrete.

Reduced emissions

Our buildings are simple and honest, recognised worldwide for their individuality and significant environmental benefits.

The environmental performance of these stunning walls includes low emission construction, no need for paint or other toxic finishes and outstanding thermal performance resulting in substantial energy savings over the life of the building.

Contact your local Earth Structures company for design and structural advice, and costing estimates.

Rammed Earth

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