Opportunities for a Rammed Earth Business

We regularly travel to other countries to help design and manage projects. On our travels we keep an eye out for start-up rammed earth builders globally to join the Earth Structures Group.

We have a sensible and proven model for running the nuts and bolts of the business together with a philosophy intent on providing world’s best practice rammed earth construction – and having some fun while we are at it.

We strive to keep our business structures as simple as possible. While you maintain your independence and develop a local network of clients, architects and builders, the Group provides centralised business and marketing, including

  • Business model
  • Start-up advice & training
  • Costing programs & templates for invoicing
  • Centralised marketing
  • Collegiate approach to innovation & improvement
  • Expanded income opportunities
  • Greater sense of fulfillment

Rammed Earth Builders Opportunities

We are looking for rammed earth builders who are dedicated, hardworking and passionate about what they do and how they do it. Most new members originate through our workforce. New members are trained by working one or more of our teams until we consider them proficient.

Talk to founder, Rick Lindsay about joining the Earth Structures Group.

Email: info@earthstructures.com.au

Mobile: 0418 569 985

Phone: + 61 3 5778 7797