Brad Overson Earth Structures Australia since 1998

The Finest Rammed Earth Australia Builder

Simply put, we believe in our product, its beauty and environmental benefits; we respect the investment our clients are making; we are passionate about our work; and we are committed to providing world’s best practice rammed earth construction.

International group of companies

  • Our rammed earth builders are dependable, experienced and passionate – we love what we do.
  • We are intent on making beautiful, ecologically sustainable buildings
  • We are deeply aware that our walls are a major investment for our clients
  • We work closely with architects, engineers and builders.
  • Clients can expect the same high level of workmanship and dedication from each member of the Earth Structures Group.
  • Clients deal directly with the business owner, expert builder and decision maker, which ensures fast decision making and innovation.
  • Our collegiate approach ensures best practice through continual improvement of methods and techniques.
  • We are generous with our time, and invite you to use us as a resource during the planning and design phase.

Talk to founder Rick Lindsay about the finest rammed earth Australia, Europe and Korea has to offer.