The Earth Structures Group is passionate about their role in today’s building industry. Founded by Rick Lindsay in Mansfield, Victoria, the group has a commercial structure as innovative as the buildings for which they are renowned.

Earth Structures

An international group of small businesses, the Earth Structures Group combines small business benefits with big business efficiencies. All over the world our clients are dealing directly with the business owner, expert builder and decision maker. Unlike big or highly centralised businesses, we can make important decisions and innovate quickly.

Each rammed earth builder has similar values and work ethic with the added advantage of shared marketing, risk management and peer support. Earth Structures builders continually bounce around ideas to improve construction systems, which is key to remaining at the forefront of rammed earth construction internationally.

Earth Structures rammed earth builders have become an invaluable resource for architects, engineers, builders and homeowners during the planning and design phase.

Please feel free to call us with your questions or ideas – we are passionate about rammed earth construction and only too pleased to provide information and support where we can.