Team Up for Rammed Earth Construction Success

rammed earthCustom homes using rammed earth construction are an investment. It is not just an investment in a stable, secure, structural technology that appeals to owners of rammed earth homes. It is an investment in an environmentally friendly building practice.

• The cost to invest has been compared to masonry built walls. It is important to include rammed earth builders at the design stage. The rammed earth construction is best accomplished when architects, engineers, and other planners work together from concept to construction.

Rammed earth technology has roots that can be traced back centuries. Today’s materials reflect contemporary knowledge of soil, soil testing, and the chemistry of interacting ingredients. These days builders benefit from the experimentation of adding slight portions of concrete to the mix.

• There are evolving design concepts that have improved structural integrity. Engineers have found ways to prevent water damage, strengthen footings, and refine wall compaction using mechanical devices.

• It is important to consider all regulatory guidelines issued by authorities that affect rammed earth construction. There are certain guidelines and mandatory requirements that must be adhered to from the outset.

• There have been advancements in water resistant additives that are blended with the soil mix. This has produced walls that are not only significantly stronger but may waterproof the wall inside and out.

• The initial planning process will allow the team to easily incorporate needed or desired features. This may include round windows, walls that curve, built-in electrical conduits, and plumbing the home.

• The earth used to create the walls is normally acquired from a quarry rather than an owner’s property. The cost of transporting the soil mix is a budget consideration. If a rammed earth house is to be a specific color it may be necessary to procure materials from a greater distance.

rammed earth construction• There are rammed earth builders that have finished homes the color of a peach. Some homes may remind one of a creamy white cloud. It is possible to achieve a bold red finish with the right soil.

• Members of the home owner’s collaborative, planning team can determine the best way to finish the walls. A wall can be left in its finished form or transformed into a textured barrier. A discussion will normally include wall treatments like paint, permanent plaster, and the value of various interior and exterior sealants.

The most successful rammed earth construction is accomplished with team work. Work should proceed in a logical, carefully planned order. Every step should be performed in constant compliance with government, regulatory, and industry guidelines will keep the project on track and within budget.

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