Rammed Earth Homes Make a Statement

Many successful people have contracted builders to create a “signature” home. The idea is to create a home that reflects the owner’s financial or business accomplishments. Rammed earth builders are working with a new generation of clients who are more concerned about making an environmental statement.

Humble Beginnings

rammed earthMany people who have achieved distinct financial success remember their sometimes humble beginnings. Rammed earth construction can trace its history to similar humble beginnings. Here is a technology that has evolved over centuries to become one of the simplest and sophisticated building methods known on earth.

Some might be surprised to learn that an estimated three billion people live or home in a structure literally made from the earth. That is about half of the people on earth.

Much has been written about rammed earth homes in a historical context, but this has led to some modern day misconceptions.

For instance, many people believe a rammed earth house is where poor people in undeveloped regions of the world live. The truth is that rammed earth builders have constructed hospitals, embassies, museums, airports, and entire factories. Sustainable materials, ancient examples and modern technologies allow contemporary builders to create beautiful homes for clients dedicated to lowering their carbon footprint.

Signature Homes For A Green Globe

Rammed earth construction provides function, endurance, strength, and many economic advantages. It can dramatically lower the funds required to cool or heat a home. It accomplishes all of this and the end result can be so striking that some homes are compared to works of art.

Some rammed earth house devotees are initially interested because it makes sense to cause the least amount of harm to the planet to create their home. Many have been surprised at the sheer attractiveness and character of the finished residence.

Stabilised rammed earth homes are turning heads. The originality and authenticity of a custom constructed home is obvious in each home. It is recommended that a homeowner and their designer meet with a rammed earth building specialist at the planning stages for a new home. Rammed earth builders should be part of your professional and creative vision team from the very start. This will ensure the home is created to be as unique and individualised as the owner.

rammed earth homeWhat Did You Make This Year?

Discussions with your expert team should include method of construction, detailed features, interior concepts, function, available textures, choice of colors, and even landscaping.

Rammed earth homes are the new “signature” homes of the successful. When owners are asked what they made this year they can respond: “I made a difference”.

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