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Rammed Earth Construction for All Time Not Just a Lifetime

rammed earth constructionMany architects are embracing the contemporary advantages of centuries’ old rammed earth construction. There are many ways to prefabricate an entire home and it is done on a massive scale. The cookie cutter approach has allowed developers and builders to produce entire neighbourhoods at a lower cost per unit and raised their return on investment dollars. There is a price paid in terms of character and personal expression for creating housing tracts based on basic model home plans.

Rammed earth builders team up with architects, designers, and environmentally focussed custom home buyers to create functional works of art meant to stand for more than just a lifetime. The myriad of choices allowed in style, colour, and construct allows the team to create character and execute an artistic vision without sacrificing any of the strength found in traditional building methods.

Natural Beauty

Many people report their first attraction to rammed earth walls was the lure of the natural beauty that is not found in generic construction. Home owners working with a complete team from conception to construction will describe builders and architects as craftsmen and artists. Rammed earth creations are distinctive in each case and reduce dependence on increasingly scare natural resources.

rammed earth wallsThe public becomes more aware and educated about rammed earth homes every day. The compelling appeal of finished rammed earth construction incites a desire to mate nature with architecture. People tend to gravitate to all things strong and permanent because it fosters a sense of reliability. Generic frame construction creates homes that have a lifespan measured in decades. Stabilised rammed earth creations have a lifespan that is measured in generations.

Many retirees are attracted to rammed earth construction when they plan and design their final home. It could be that this is a time in life for reflection and contributing to a lasting legacy in many areas. Choosing a highly customised home designed to reduce our carbon footprint and severely reduce dependency on natural resources makes a statement and sets an example for others.

The rammed earth structures built today will stand for future generations to view in a future most of us cannot imagine. When millions of wood built homes have dwindled into decay, the rammed earth homes will still be standing as a monument and a gift to the generations to follow. It is no wonder that architects and rammed earth builders are teaming up to build such wonderful structures.

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