Rammed Earth Construction Conserves Our Natural Resources

rammed earthIt is truly remarkable that the essence of ancient rammed earth construction is gaining popularity around the world and contributing to conservation of precious natural resources. Stabilised earth does not require using woody biomass or other organic materials which many predict are not sustainable. Some experts calculate that if rammed earth homes were built in the same quantity as frame homes it would eliminate the need to clear cut one million acres of trees every year.

There are many examples of rammed earth builders working on multi-million dollar structures around the world. For instance, rammed earth walls are part of the $21M USD VanDusen Botanical Garden visitor centre in Canada. The elegance achieved and the benefits for the planet have captured the attention of environmentally concerned people from all walks of life. Many financially successful people are working with visionary rammed earth builders to create customised homes that combine function with art.

Softer Environmental Impact

These custom homes integrate a menu of low impact green features like solar water heaters, electric produced from solar energy, geothermal heat, energy efficient appliances, and water recovery and reuse systems. Attention is given to practical, energy efficient lighting and clean interior air treatments that conserve energy and promote health.

rammed earth wallsClimate conscious custom home builders and owners are making a genuine investment in the future of the planet and are changing the way people think about our diminishing natural resources. A mud brick shack is no longer the image consumers have of rammed earth building. Custom homes are the subject of media attention and leads to a greater number of people becoming educated and informed about modern building techniques.

The public gains knowledge about the benefits of rammed earth and thinks about ways to use the technology in their part of the world. In Edmonton, Alberta, planners are using excavated soil at a huge railroad and building project to construct rammed earth walls. The combination of public, government, and private projects are creating numerous examples of rammed earth practices that are inspiring others to pursue the same modern approach to construction.

It is a modern approach rooted in ancient times that is allowing environmentally friendly construction of spaces that take advantage of the earth beneath our feet. When someone invests in a distinctly customised home with the latest green attributes it serves as an example to others that we can take steps to protect the planet. The use of rammed earth conserves resources and serves as an enduring statement that we can enjoy a dream home in ways we many never have dreamed possible.

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