Rammed Earth Construction Builders and Benefits

When building a rammed earth home, accessing materials located on the construction site or close to it is beneficial in many ways. Using local materials eliminates the need to transport earth to the building location, and, as a consequence reduces the carbon footprint of the project.

rammed earthHeating and Cooling

Walls that are 0.4-0.6 m thick reduce the heating and cooling requirements of a home, depending on the choice of system being installed. Some home heating systems require wood, wood pellets, electricity or gas, each leaving a different carbon footprint. Rammed earth builders are able to advise on which systems provide additional benefits and work harmoniously with rammed earth construction.

How a home is situated on a site and how it is designed can impact its heating requirements and costs – another reason why it is important to involve rammed earth home builders on the initial planning team for a custom build.

Every ingredient in a custom home can potentially affect the overall carbon footprint. For instance, the lower the percentage of cement added to the mix, the greater the savings on carbon dioxide emissions. Rammed earth builders know to construct walls with enough strength to last the lifetime of the home, while at the same time avoid unnecessary cement usage.

Rammed earth does not match the strength or lifespan of concrete. However, rammed earth walls will provide additional benefits that concrete cannot match. Finished rammed earth walls are simply beautiful, and people are often drawn to their layers and colours. Reactions have included a sense of serenity, calm, strength, and comfortable warmth.


It’s not just the appearance factor that counts. The air is healthier in a rammed earth home. Natural earthen walls do not have toxins, glues, adhesives, paint, varnish resins or chemical components. Improved air quality benefits everyone in the household.

Consumers who choose rammed earth construction are typically climate conscious people who will extend their green statement beyond the walls. Typically these custom home builders are integrating earth friendly appliances, wood features, rock, recycled water, and solar appointments. Professionals rammed earth builders can make a huge difference in making the owner’s overall vision become a reality.


Professional and thoughtful rammed earth home builders are experts in environmentally friendly home construction. The experience they bring will harness the best options available for every aspect of a new home. Valuable advice about rammed earth walls, rafters, heating to cooling systems and appliances, through to landscaping is the hallmark of competent and environmentally responsible rammed earth builders.

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