Rammed Earth Builders Construct Harmony Home

rammed earth homeMany Australian architects are creating amazing homes. A distinct number of these professionals are creating homes that embrace carbon reducing green building techniques and materials, including rammed earth. Architects and builders experienced in this media are in demand and work together closely to deliver the outcomes their clients want.

Each time the result is a home that makes a statement and delivers a message that the owner is not just investing in a signature home but is also investing in our global future. Key points and features:

Rammed earth constructions, particularly in rural and regional locations, often uses materials right on the building site, or nearby. Already this is a carbon offset since it eliminates trucking materials from long distance sources.

• The walls, floors, and outside patios of modern rammed earth constructions are designed to blend harmoniously with the natural setting. Some builders even add rebar and insulation blocks to rammed earth walls. The incredible strength contributes to a safe and enduring home.

• The strength of rammed earth construction is evident in multiple story buildings capped with heavy roofs. Load-bearing walls are designed to handle a huge variety of architectural techniques in modern, custom homes.

• Durability is assured: termites and other insects will starve at a rammed earth wall. The wall cannot rot since it is entirely man-made hardened earth. The walls may never require painting, staining, or chemical sealants.

• Some architects and builders have creatively embedded objects into the wall to produce a unique artistic touch. Materials can be layered in creative ways, shapes can be made with forms, and artificial colours can be added to make dramatic artful statements.

• Cosy comfort in all seasons is guaranteed due to the thermal mass of the walls. Searing heat cannot penetrate the thick rammed earth walls. Home owners enjoy the indoor climate whether it is hot or cold outside. There are no harmful pesticide or fungicide emissions from rammed earth walls. The interior air is safe and healthy.

rammed earth design• Custom green conscious homes save energy. The cost of heating or cooling a large home with rammed earth construction is a fraction of a conventional frame built home. Architects and builders know and incorporate their knowledge of all energy saving features from heating and cooling systems to kitchen appliances when they build.

Rammed earth walls have been used for centuries – there are many buildings in service that were built hundreds of years ago. A resurgence in their popularity has coincided with advances in techniques and technology since those structures were finished lifetimes ago.

Australian rammed earth builders and custom home architects help their clients achieve their environmental and design goals. The result is a climate conscious client moving into a custom home that lives in harmony with Earth.

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