How To Find The Best Rammed Earth Builder

rammed earth builderRammed earth is a popular form of building technique that uses a mixture of earth, water, and some cement compacted into layers between forms. The technique and materials have been used for ages, from the ancient buildings of Ait-Ben-Haddou in Morocco to the awe-inspiring structures of Machu Picchu in Peru. Properties made from rammed earth are known to be safer and truly comfortable to live in. It is said that some three billion people on six different continents live and work in structures or buildings made from rammed earth. Would you like to live in one?

Rammed earth construction requires expertise, experience, and deep knowledge of the technique in order to come up with a building that is able to take full advantage of its many benefits while reflecting your very lifestyle and practical needs. You might be able to find some fairly detailed guide to building a rammed earth home on your own, but the results might not be similar to the structures that have been built by experts. Below are some things you should consider when choosing your rammed earth homes builder.

Consider a builder whose business office serves as a prime example of work. When you are off to see a builder about his work and look over his or her portfolio, would it not be better to see the real thing up close and personal? Pictures and possibly even videos of finished homes may be able to tell you of the builder’s versatility but nothing can replace live inspection. There are builders that may be able to actually show you around the homes of previous clients, but this is only when the clients (and perhaps the builder) do not mind the intrusion.

rammed earth builders“Reverse-engineer” the process by finding the best-looking rammed earth home and enquiring with the owner about the builder. So instead of looking over the builder’s portfolio, you can actually try to find one of his or her projects and then consult with the builder. This process may be able to save you more time because then you would have already seen the builder’s work so you will just have to consider the price, the credentials, and the personality of the builder, whether it works for you.

Look for industry recognition through awards and diversity of projects. A rammed earth builder that has worked with many architects and engineers on a wide range of projects — from residential properties to commercial buildings — will indicate a high level of expertise and reliability. When you add the element of architectural and industry awards, it can only mean that the builder has the ingenuity that can take an ancient building technique into the 21st century.

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