Another Rammed Earth Home Project

Scott Kinsmore, Director of Earth Structures Melbourne, has this to say about its latest residential project for Heyward Constructions,” The Lockington project was a difficult rammed earth build for us as a majority of the walls had limited access combined with internal steel columns and a polished concrete slab which can hinder speed of construction. We sat down with the builder and architect early in the planning stage to ensure that the walls were built as efficiently as possible with the best possible outcome achieved for the clients. This is a trademark of the Earth Structures Group and something that we consider to be essential for a successful build.”

The Lockington House had concrete, rammed earth and cedar cladding materials which made it very unique.  The home has two wings with a rammed earth spine wall that divides the space. Apart from providing stability, the wall made from rammed earth is effective noise insulation.  The magnificent beachside home is complete with outdoor deck, a lawn and a swimming pool.

Nick Heyward of Heyward Constructions has nothing but praises for Earth Structures. He said that the group did not only have extensive knowledge of rammed earth construction but they were easy to work with and delivery excellent results.  He further stressed that “The Earth Structures guys are the absolute experts and I would not risk using anyone else.”

With over 850 buildings and homes built, Earth Structures Group have honed their skills and expertise to be able to provide the best service to builders, architects and construction companies. They now have groups in Asia and Europe to take care of rammed earth construction needs in those areas.

Working on difficult and challenging projects is what makes Earth Structures different from all the rest.  The Lockington House project is not only a successful one but highlights their mastery of rammed earth building.

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